<div class="fs-review-summary"><div class="fs-rating-summary"><span class="fs-rating-component">Rated&nbsp;</span><div class='fs-rating-component fs-stars rating'> <div class='value-title' title='5.0' style='width: 99%'></div> <meta itemprop="rating" content="5.0"/> </div> <span class="rating component">&nbsp;based on <span itemprop="votes" class="votes">380</span> ratings</span> </div> <div class='fs-featured-reviews'><div class='fs-featured-review fs-active'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26928'>Excellent service from Austin Specialty Cleaners</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>All of my interactions with Austin Specialty Cleaners were positive. Personnel setting up the initial appointment and the follow up for the cleaning were...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26779'>Cleaning 2 Club Chairs</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>On-time, courteous, diligent, quiet, with GREAT results. Definitely will recommend and use again.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26783'>Oriental Rug Cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Well done!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26512'>Another great job by Brian and A S C</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Just a quick note to say thank you for your friendly and competent service. The carpets look great. We look forward to seeing you next time.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26727'>I&apos;m amazed!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Really as an exercise in futility,more than anything else, I called Austin Specialty Cleaners to make a last ditch effort to take a couple nasty stains...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26495'>Excellent cleaning and service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>We have used Austin Specialty Cleaners three times over the past six years to clean several of our oriental rugs. The appointment process is very easy,...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26475'>Excellent Job</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I am so impressed with the carpet, couch, and rug clean. I recommend your company to all my friends!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26417'>Will definitely use them again</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>On time! Courteous! Great cleaning job of my Leather Sofa and 2 area rugs. Wall to wall carpeting was pricier than others, but the convenience of having...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26402'>Couch and carpet cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Excellent results from the cleaning of both my cream colored couch and 3 X 5 wool rug. Procedures with scheduling appt and in home process were all so...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26387'>The best!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have used Austin Specialty cleaners for at least 5 or 6 years. They do a wonderful job. Cleaning patio cushions, sofas, chairs. I use them every 6 months.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26258'>Competent and professional rug care</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Austin Specialty Cleaners were trusted to clean my dhurri area rugs. They picked up the rugs and after cleaning them returned them to our new house. Loved...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26123'>Consistently excellent</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have worked with Austin Specialty Cleaners for years, both for offsite rug cleaning and onsite upholstery cleaning. I am always impressed with the team&apos;s...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26312'>Great!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>It&apos;s easy to make an appointment promptly, the technician arrived right on time and the carpet looks fantastic!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26338'>Drapes and area rugs</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>ASC is the best when it come to cleaning drapes, area rugs and carpets. They remove clean and replace drapes and area rugs. Always courteous and professional.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post26170'>Wouldn&apos;t use anyone else</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>We&apos;ve used Austin Specialty Cleaners for over 10 years and could be happier with their services - carpet, draperies, and upholstery. On time, thorough,...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post25159'>Excellent Service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I recently had a large area rug cleaned by Austin Speciality Cleaners, not only was the rug beautifully cleaned, the employees of Austin Speciality Cleaners...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post25882'>Great Job!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>This is the second time we have used Austin Specialty Cleaners and they have done a great job both times. Easy to schedule an appointment, punctual, and...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post25604'>Great people; great service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>We needed to have a number of carpets and several windows&apos; worth of draperies cleaned. We have been extremely pleased with your services. You are professional...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post25664'>Persian Carpet</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Did a very nice job.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post25699'>Leather sofa cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Great job. My 20 year old sofa literally looks new. I would not have believed it.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post25094'>Great Job! Excellent Customer Service!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>We are very pleased with the cleaning results of our silk drapes, area rugs and tapestry! The price was reasonable and the service was excellent! They...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post25332'>Great results</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have had an oriental rug cleaned twice with Austin Specialty Cleaners. Great results both times getting rid of old musty smells, and smells and spills...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post25529'>Melanie G</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>On time, careful, thorough, and did a great job. Carpets dried within a few hours, which is key when you have kids and pets! I&apos;m a loyal customer.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21290'>Absolutely THE BEST in Austin</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Austin Specialty Cleaners has been cleaning products for me for years and they never disappoint. They are professional, courteous, and always give an honest...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post24865'>Trustworthy Professionals</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have used this business for carpets, furniture, bedding and rugs. They are trustworthy and will stand behind their work. I was sent to them by a very...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post22612'>5 Star Service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Wonderful service, from pickup to delivery. My Turkish Hereke carpets were restored to their original brightness. I will only use Austin Specialty Cleaners...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post24943'>cleaned 2 sofas</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Highly recommend. Great service, answered questions, arrived on time, professional job.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post24902'>Superb service as always</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have used ASC a handful of times and am always completely satisfied.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23053'>Amazing</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>When they unrolled the three rugs I had cleaned I simply could not believe my eyes. They were gorgeous - the colors were so much brighter. They were a...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post22931'>Another great experience</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Second time of used them. Friendly, on- time pick-up &amp; delivery of large Area rug. Great results, reasonable price. Wouldn&apos;t use anyone else g</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23416'>Austin Speciality Cleaners Rocked!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>This was money well spent and I am very pleased with their service &amp; professional attitude!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post22184'>Awesome</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Our rug was filthy. Between our new puppy (now almost 2years old)two cat and ourselves it looked like it had been in a dive bar. Now thanks to Austin Specialty...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21537'>Awesome!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>These folks have cleaned my carpet and area rugs for the last 15 years...perfectly! If you are looking for someone to clean your carpet for the first first...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21651'>amazing service and cleaning!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Very much satisfied with cleaning service and conscientious customer service. Highly recommended. I won&apos;t go anywhere else. Thanks, KC and Carol</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post24762'>Brian OHanlan</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Brian, we are just now home to check carpets...very nice. You did much better than other people we have used. Thank you.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post24712'>Excellent Service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>We&apos;ve tried other services. Austin Specialty Service is by far the best on all accounts: knowledge, tidiness and taking care with our belongings and customer...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post24686'>Awesome job!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Our puppy had a few accidents on our beautiful Turkish rug. ASC was so convenient with the pick up and drop off service. The rug looks like new. I will...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23455'>Best Carpet Cleaners Wver!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>We have been using Austin Specialty for years. We would never consider using anyone else! They clean our carpets, wool area rugs, and Oriental rugs. Great...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post24043'>Carpet and drapery cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Y&apos;all did such a great job with my carpets and drapes. The dog smells are gone and they look great. Your customer service is just the best and I would...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21610'>Best Cleaning Service in Austin</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Austin Specialty Cleaners has been helping to keep our upholstery, fine rugs and travertine clean for many years. They are very professional and provide...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post22237'>Best in the Business</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>This was the third time I used ASC. They are a &apos;TurnKey&apos; service and offer services others do not. For example, storing cleaned drapes, cutting new rug...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21682'>Carpet Cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Once again Austin Speciality and Sterling provided top notch service and cleaning of my carpet &amp; rugs in preparation for the holidays! Great job and thank...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21841'>Carpets, Drapes and Sheers</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have been using Austin Specialty Cleaners for the past 4 years. They are by far the best company I have ever dealt with. When they clean carpets and...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21807'>Carpets/Rugs Look AWESOME!!!!!!!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have never had a bad experience with Austin Specialty Cleaners. THey always pick up and deliver when they are scheduled and are always helpful and courteous...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post22052'>Continuously Happy Long-Standing Client</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have been a client of ASC for almost 20 years and still can&apos;t recommend them enough!They are a great family business with old school business ethics...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post22311'>Dependable Quality</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>The staff at ASC is wonderful, both in skill and demeanor. I&apos;ve been using them for several years and would never think to use another company for my home...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23963'>Excellent job, excellent service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have used Austin Specialty Cleaners for years, and always had Sterling. He does a great job, my carpeting still looks like new after 12 years, and he...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post22969'>Drapery and Oriental Carpet Cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Company did a great job! Initially worried about getting hand woven rugs cleaned but shouldn&apos;t have been as everything came back looking great. Would recommend...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post24194'>Outstanding Service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>This is the first time I&apos;ve used Austin Specialty Cleaners. They were recommended by the store where I purchased the rugs and furniture. Service was outstanding...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23026'>Excellent</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I had 4 Persian rugs that had been in storage for about 8 years and of course needed cleaning very badly! Austin Specialty Cleaners did an excellent job...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21343'>Excellent all around</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>These guys are awesome -- from online scheduling to amazing upholstery cleaning work (my couches look brand new again) to accepting credit cards at my...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23082'>Excellent for upholstery cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Austin specialty cleaners came highly recommended by a few furniture stores in austin. Our movers delivered a few cloth dining chairs and a white sofa...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23575'>Excellent service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>We have been clients of Austin Specialty Cleaners for the past 3 years and have used their cleaning services periodically. We have been very happy with...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21753'>Expert service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I had pet stains on my carpet and needed to make sure they were out. Next door the neighbors were using a competitor. I had 4 berms to do. They had a whole...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23309'>Five star service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Highest quality service, easy to schedule, fair prices and pleasant, curteous employees. Nothing could be improved. I will use again and recommend to friends.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21806'>Good work by courteous, friendly people</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I&apos;ve used ASC about three times in the last five years to clean s (white) couch and (black and white) chair, and every time the work was well done, and...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post22472'>Great!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Easy online scheduling, on time arrival, fair price, and my leather furniture looks like new: what&apos;s not to like? Very happy with service, recommend highly.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post22249'>Friendly and professional, excellent work</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>We first hired Austin Specialty Cleaners for leather repair years ago, and we rely on them for steam cleaning upholstery and rugs. Kind, straight-forward,...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23937'>Great Quality Service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Always surpass your expectations with this family owned and operated business. Customize the service to each job, whether large or small. Careful, clean,...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21681'>Great Results-Great Service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>My rugs look great, better than I thought possible and excellent service. My only choice for cleaning area rugs.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21671'>Great Service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>They were wonderful! They came by the house, gave me a quote and picked up and delivered my persian rug! Great personable service!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21573'>Great work!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>We use Austin Specialty and can&apos;t imagine using anyone else....very professional, efficient, thorough, and effective......like having new carpet and area...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23167'>Job Well Done</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Reasonable, expert service, they know their rugs. Careful furniture moving to pick up rug, fast service, rugs look great. Highly recommend</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23084'>Outstanding Service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Have been using Austin Specialty Cleaners for 20 years. Always outstanding service.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21905'>Return customer!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I highly recommend Austin Specialty Cleaners. They can be trusted to clean expensive carpets/rugs. Go local and skip the chain services.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21937'>Rug and comforters</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>ASC has cleaned five or six of our large Oriental rugs, which were badly soiled with cat urine. The staff is knowledgable and honest about whether an item...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23339'>Rug and drapery cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>We had flooding on our main floor that resulted in soaked area rugs and stained drapes. Austin Specialty worked hard with several processes to clean very...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21646'>rug cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I give them 5stars for cleaning and service</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23964'>Rug Cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>The best in town!! I wouldn&apos;t trust my rugs to any other company.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23118'>Sterling</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>This weekend is my Dad&apos;s 80th Bday party - AT MY HOUSE! Thank you Sterling for doing such a great and thorough job cleaning my carpet and my couch in the...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post22910'>Textured Carpet</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Austin Specialty Cleaners were very professional! I set up the cleaning on-line. Received a confirmation, then a call on the day of. My textured living...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21595'>upholstery cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Guests were coming for a wedding event and we needed the sofa and four upholstered chair cleaned. They turned out great without spots and they tried within...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23415'>Very Professional</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Had upholstery, curtains and rugs cleaned by Austin Specialty Cleaners. Everyone that I dealt with was professional and friendly. They were able to get...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20207'>Austin Speacialty Cleaners did an excellent job cleaning my couches.</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have 2 white sofa&apos;s and 2 big dogs that rub against them so they get really dirty. Austin Specialty cleaners has cleaned them twice and they came out...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post16866'>Carpet cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Great experience,,,,,on time, professional and great results. Will definitely use them again and will recommend to friends.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20276'>Clean oriental rug</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Excellent cleaning job and pick up/delivery.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20236'>Exceeds Expectations!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Completely satisfied. This guys are great! I started using them in 2007 upon referral from Calico Corners. When I bring my articles in I feel like I&apos;m...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20259'>Excellent</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I&apos;ve used them for years - very satisfied customer</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20257'>Excellent service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Austin Specialty Cleaners came to the rescue by picking up our draperies and wool area rug to clean and store for us while we temporarily move out of our...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20289'>good service!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>been using Austin Specialty Cleaners for years, and Stirling has been great all these years.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20306'>Great Job</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I received excellent customer service and the job was very well done.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20205'>Professional Job</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Sterling cleaned multiple pieces of furniture for us and they now look new. He was on time, thorough and was even great with our dogs. We&apos;ve very happy.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20321'>Rug Cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Our rugs were picked up and returned exactly on schedule and looked like new when they were returned. Very satisfied.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20270'>Superior Job</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Austin Specialty Cleaners is my go to for rug cleaning, upholstery, large linen jobs and anything else I can&apos;t do solo. Always a great job and courteous...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20238'>Very Pleased</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>The technician showed up exactly when they said he would. He was prompt, courteous, professional, and quick. I am very pleased with the service and would...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20697'>Always Great!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Have done lots of business with them, so I can say they never fail or let me down. Topnotch.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20533'>carpet and furniture cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have been using Austin Specialty Cleaners for years and I have never been disappointed. Always on time, very nice and professional.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20455'>Cleaning</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Service was, as always, excellent -&apos;on time, friendly, professional and excellent results. Thank you</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20859'>Cleaning my expensive Persian Rugs</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Absolutely great service from KC and his crew at Austin Specialty Cleaners. The quality of their work is commendable. The whole experience was hassle free.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20583'>Customer for 15 years</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I&apos;ve been a customer for 15 years and love supporting a long-standing, family owned-and-run local business! I love the detailed customer service and Sterling&apos;s...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20411'>Excellent</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Service was great and on time. I&apos;ve used your company three years in a row and will continue to do business with your company. The carpet looked great!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20409'>Excellent Service</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Sterling came out was was very quick and courtious. He looked over the issue with the spots on the love seat and did an outstanding job to remove the spot...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20373'>Fabulous Job!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>This is the third time Sterling has cleaned my sectional sofa and it always looks brand new after being cleaned. Amazing since I have 3 dogs who leave...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20531'>Great job!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Austin Specialty Cleaners is my go to carpet and upholstered furniture cleaner. It is easy to make an appointment online. They are on time and do the a...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20986'>Leather Restoration</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Happy with results &amp; professionalism. Good business practices. Don&apos;t over represent results, under promise &amp; over perform. On time. Courteous. Share knowledge...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20618'>Our Experience with Austin Specialty Cleaners</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Everyone we dealt with from my first telephone conversation through the extimate and two cleaning trips was courteous, professional and efficient. It is...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post20494'>Outstanding !</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Ev erything I could want. On time, friendly, superb cleaning, both carpets and upholstered furniture.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post21077'>Sterling Logue is the best!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>We have tried several carpet/upholstery cleaners over the years, but once we found Austin Specialty Cleaners &amp; Mr Logue, we will not be calling anyone...</p> </div> </div><a href='/reviews/?view=bare' class='fs-more-reviews'>More reviews</a></div>